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Основні дисципліни програми

II курс

Probability Theory and Statistics for Economists, Microeconomics, Practical Statistics, History of Economics and Economic Thought, The Language Model of Contemporary Business Communication, Practices of Conducting International Business Negotiations, Economy of Foreign Countries, International Public Relations, Optimizing Methods and Models, Economics of Enterprise, Macroeconomics, Euro Integration, Human Resources Management, Electronic Commerce, Etiquette and Basics of International Protocol, Travel Business, Information Systems and Technologies in International Economy.

III курс

Marketing, Management, Accounting, International Economics, Econometrics, Standardisation and Certification, International Markets of Resources, Communications Management, Economics - Mathematical Methods and Models in International Economy, Money and Credit, Labour Economics and Social Relations, Finance, International Economics, International Trade, Managerial Accounting, International Transportation, Logistics.

IV курс:

The International Economic Law, International Finance, International Marketing, The International Share Market, Financial Management, International Business, Corporate Finance, International Organizations, Enterprise’s Foreign Economic Activity, Accounting in Foreign Countries, International Finance, International Investment Activity, Financial Systems of Foreign Countries, International Audit, The Insurance of Foreign Economic Activity, Customs and Customs Regulation, Payment and Credit Relations in the Foreign Economic Activity of Enterprise, International Economic Analysis, Accounting International Activity.