Conditions of Admission

Foreigners and persons without citizenship are enrolled according to the results of interview.

According to the Decree No. 1238 of 5 August 1998, all foreigners applying for admission to the university are required to submit the following documents:

1. a completed personal information/application form

2. a copy of their education certificate with the transcript of grades for subjects studied

3. a document certifying the absence of AIDS-infection unless alternative arrangements are permitted by international agreements of Ukraine

4. a medical certificate describing the applicant’s state of health certified by an official health protection body of the country from where the foreigner has arrived (the certificate to be received not earlier than two months prior to the departure for studies in Ukraine)

5. health insurance (except for foreigners arriving from  countries having agreements with Ukraine about giving  medical help free of charge to their citizens)

6. a copy of the applicant’s  birth certificate

7. six photos 60 X 40 millimeters in size

8. a return ticket with a one-year open date for return to the country of origin