Management System in Alfred Nobel DUEL (Dnipropetrovsk) Meets the International Standard ISO 9001:2008

7 Червня 2011

According to the experts in Alfred Nobel DUEL (Dnipropetrovsk)  -  our university’s management system meets international standards!
As a result of a two stage external certification audit in May this year,  the Intersectoral Center for Quality Assessment «Prirost»  (member of DQS-Group) found that the University implements a quality management system that meets the standard ISO 9001:2008. Based on this the University will receive , valid for three years , international quality certificates of the DQS-UL Group (Germany), IQNet (Switzerland) and the Ukrainian National Agency for Quality Certificate Accreditation of Ukraine.
The main integral characteristic of the quality of the educational services  of DUEL is its effectiveness in increasing the competitiveness of its graduates in Ukraine and abroad. To this end, the University implemented a quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001:2008.
The decision of independent experts was based on the analysis of quality management system documentation, observation of processes, communication with management, scientists and university teachers, support staff and students.
In particular, the independent experts  noted :
• clear understanding of policy and objectives of the University by its employees;
• special corporate spirit of the University that brings together students and teachers in implementing educational, research and social projects;
• full support  from the leadership for initiatives  from departments, directions, student associations;
• well-developed infrastructure, modern information and technical support, latest technologies used in the learning process.
What do we gain from possessing national and international quality certificates?

  • Firstly, when implementing a quality management system, we realized that our capacity for implementing the sustainable development: processes that take place at the University had acquired a certain transparency and  clarity .
  • Secondly, today’s highly competitive environment requires from the University an extraordinary mobility, flexibility, an understanding of the needs of customers of educational services : here the quality management system helps us.
  • And finally, the University aims at leadership in the region , in the country and in the international scientific and educational community: a certification of quality will help us climb the ladder of success and take our rightful place in the ranking of universities in Ukraine and abroad.


Our Reference:
DQS-UL Group - one of the leading certification bodies in the world and the only German agency represented in the International Certification Network - IQNet.
DQS-UL Group is an independent partner of certification and provides an objective assessment exclusively of management systems and processes based on about 100 recognized standards and technical and industry standards.
On May 2008 the company merged with DQS GmbH UL MSS Management Systems Solutions division (MSS) of the American company Underwriters Laboratories (UL). In this manner  DQS-UL Group was formed. This association has allowed the company DQS GmbH to be numbered among the world’s five largest and most widely recognized bodies for certification of management systems.