The Department of Enterprise Economy

The Department of Enterprise Economy is headed by Assosiate Professor, Doctor of Economics O.Zborovska.

The teaching staff of the department includes

  • 5 Professors, Doctors of Sciences
  • 5 Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences
  • 4 Senior lecturers
  • 2 lecturers

The core subjects taught by the department are

  • Enterprise Internal Economic Mechanism
  • Enterprise Economics
  • Labour Economics and Social Labour Relations
  • Economics and Organization of Innovative Activities
  • Economic Diagnostics
  • Organization of Production
  • Fundamentals of Enterprise Economic and Managerial Activities
  • Planning of Enterprise Activities
  • Enterprise Potential: Formation and Evaluation
  • Project Analysis
  • System of Technologies
  • Management of Enterprise Competitiveness
  • Management of Enterprise Potential
  • Project Management

The department teaches students from the Institute of International Finance, The Institute of International Economics, the departments of Marketing, Management, Audit and Accounting, Economic Cybernetics, Enterprise Economy, Commodity Research and Commercial Activities.

The principal direction of department’s research activities is «Raising enterprise competitiveness in market environment»

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