The Department of Economic Cybernetics

The Department of Economic Cybernetics is headed by the Doctor of Technical Sciences Taranenko Yu. K.

The teaching staff includes Doctors of Science, Full Professors: Kovalchuk K. F., Petrenko A. M., Momot V. E.; Candidates of Science and Associate Professors Kosarev V. M., Rizun N. O., Taranenko Yu. K., Lyashko D. Yu. Myachin V. G., Parshina O. A., Parshin Y. I. and others.

The subjects taught are: mathematics, engineering, computer science and others.

The Department has been providing students’ training in «Economic Cybernetics» since 1998. The teaching staff of the Department teach fundamental and special disciplines in this field. The research work carried out by the Department is presented in the form of course books on computer science and information technology, study guides and dictionaries of terms.

Тараненко Юрій Карлович