Finance and Banking Department

«The time that we have is the money which we do not have»

Ilf  and Petrov


Finance and Banking Department began its activity in 1993 and occupies an important place in the preparation of specialists of the economic directions in Alfred Nobel University (Dnipropetrovs’k).

The Finance and Banking Department is headed by Doctor of Economics Svitlana Kuznetsova,  member of the American Finance Association, member of the European Accounting Association (EAA).

The idea of education as a synergy between science and business determines the development strategy of  the Finance and Banking Department .

 The implementation  of our strategy is  conducted in the following ways:

  1. «education for life» quality of  delivering the educational process , according to the major studied , following the best world practice ;
  2. «science for practice» - as the grounding for studies, development of the state and business;
  3. «business for the future»  the  business-constituent in the educational process , which will be provided by preparation of specialists in accordance with current requirements of the business environment, by a close collaboration with the leading companies of Ukraine and world.

There are two on-line tutorials of the Finance and Banking Department of  Alfred Nobel University , which have already for two years in succession been  included  among the 25 best programs of institutions of higher learning and employers of Ukraine in the rating carried out by the general project of the  newspaper «Focus» and the company «SКМ».

In 2010 the Finance and Banking Department of  Alfred Nobel University presented the following programs (

  • 1 program: «Lectures of bank specialists»;
  • 2 program: «Estimation and management of company costs on the basis of conceptions of CCF and theorems of G1, G2, G3».

In 2011 the on-line tutorials of the Finance and Banking Department of Alfred Nobel University  took first place in the rating of the best programs of institution of higher learning and employers of Ukraine (

The department’s academic –teaching staff consists of 12 persons, among which there are

  • 2 doctors of economic sciences, professors;
  • 3 candidates of economic sciences, including 2 associate professors;
  • 2 senior lecturers, who have defended their candidate's dissertation;
  • 3 senior lecturers;
  • 2 lecturers.

The department professorial - teaching staff play an active role in international conferences, congresses and symposiums (the USA, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland), teachers have taken internships in leading higher educational establishments of world level ( of the USA, the Netherlands Poland, Great Britain, Belgium), the teaching of educational disciplines uses cutting edge practices followed by leading of Ukrainian companies .

Organisation of the Educational Process

The basic disciplines which are taught in the department play an important role in the preparation of specialists in finance and banking.

 The following disciplines are taught in the preparation of Bachelor’s degree students in the specialty «Finance and Credit»

  • Finance
  • Money and credit
  • Insurance
  • Finance of activity of business entities
  • Financial analysis
  • Insurance services
  • Budgetary system
  • Bank transactions
  • Finance of foreign corporations
  • Local finance
  • Finance of enterprises
  • Financial market
  • Investment management
  • Planning and analysis of financial activity of enterprises
  • International calculations and currency operations

The following disciplines are taught in the department for the preparation of students for Master's degrees:

  • Financial management in  banks
  • International finance
  • International calculations and currency operations
  • Crediting and control
  • Corporate finance
  • Operations on the stock and fund market
  • International management
  • Market of financial services
  • Corporate finances and risks
  • International standards of financial reporting
  • Synergy of information in business

The quality of educational process has been improved considerably thanks to the effective connection of theory, real practice and the latest achievements of economic science. The teachers of the department use innovative methods of instruction ; lecture courses are designed with the use of multimedia equipment, and seminars are conducted with the use of imitation methods of study in the relevant discipline,  students engage in debate and discussion of lecture topics and do a lot of individual task work. A fundamental component of the educational process is the widespread use of presentations with the help of multimedia equipment, situational exercises, team assignments using  specialized computer programs. The students of the department actively use computer classrooms in the process of studies , enjoying free access to the internet .

Creative partnerships, collaboration with ministries, departments, organizations and funds:

The indisputable proof of quality of the educational curriculum of the Finance and Banking department of Alfred Nobel University and the joint – stock company Private Bank is the 100% employment of graduating students according to their specialty. The Program is directed at those taking bachelors and master's degrees of finance and banking specialties with the duration of studies for 6 semesters.

Studies under this program combine global thought, modern world knowledge , a sound scientific base and professional competences in industry of finances, and equally the ability and experience of effective presentation of personal achievements in science, education and business environment at the international level.

The department actively co-operates on questions of employment, organization of students’ practice, perfection of specialists’ professional preparation and the introduction of scientific research:

1. with those companies which are considered as leaders in the world and Ukraine by leaders in the industries;

2. with public authorities: Dnepropetrovsk regional administration  , the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, State Treasury, National Bank of Ukraine.

Graduating Students of specialty «Credit and Finance»

The high level  of culture and education , the pedagogic mastery and practical experience of the professorial - teaching staff of the department enables them to prepare specialists at a level corresponding to international standards and ensures their competitiveness on the international labour market  ,and  activates the creative, professional and social activity and enrichment of the intellectual potential of the nation.

The graduating students of the specialty «Credit and Finance» have a full volume of knowledge and practical skills for effective realization of their abilities at world and international level: in the field of financial management of companies, bank services, investment management, insurance and fund ( stock exchange ) trade management.

Disciplines of department

Banking system

Safety and risks of bank activity

Mortgage market

Corporate management

Investment analysis

Budgetary management

Budgetary system

Currency operations

Preparation for profession


Finances of enterprise

Financial management  in insurance organizations

Financial management  in  banks

Financial market

Fundamentals of scientific research

Project financing

Financial services market

Development of financial thought

Synergy of information in business

The special course of "Basis G theories"

Insurance services

Money and credit

Financial activity of business entities

Financial planning and prognostication

Financial analysis

Financial management

International standards of the financial reporting

International finance

Local finance

International stock and fund market

International calculations and currency operations

Investment management


Marketing in banks

Corporate finances and risks

Crediting and control

Strategic management

Project management

International management


Svitlana Kuznetsova