The Department of International Economics and Economic Theory

The department of International Economics and Economic Theory is headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor A. Zadoya.

The teaching staff of the department includes

  • 4 Professors, Doctors of Sciences
  • 6 Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences;
  • 4 Senior lecturers;
  • 5 lecturers.

The core subjects taught by the department are:

  • International Economics
  • International Organizations
  • World Economy
  • International Monetary Economics
  • Economic Theory 2
  • International Economic Activities of Ukraine

The department teaches students who are majoring in International Economics, as well as in other spheres of Economics studied at the University.

The principal direction of department’s research activities is «Market Structure and Infrastructure Formation and State Regulation of Economy Reformation under the Conditions of Economic Relation System Transformation»

Anatolii Zadoia