The Law Department

The students of the Law Department take university courses in Law in order to acquire the skills required for professional activities in any area of jurisprudence. Therefore, the students also acquire the basic knowledge in Economics, Information Technologies and Computing, as well as in foreign languages.

The department is headed by Pushkina O. V., the Candidate of Law.

Studying at the Department of Law is based on the following principles:

  • Uninterrupted training with gradual enhancement of learning difficulties. Each discipline is logically connected with the preceding one. Separate fields of Law are studied only after the course in Theory of State and Law has been completed, which ensures gradual transition from the basic knowledge about the state and law in general (definitions of the state, law, legal norms) to understanding juridical concepts and modern issues of jurisprudence.
  • Close integration of general and special disciplines. The Law students gain all the information required for a lawyer in whatever field. The curriculum includes both humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines and a series of basic and special disciplines in law.

There is a Students’ Scholarly Research Association at the Department of Law whose members carry out scholarly research and hold monthly workshops and seminars to review and discuss professional publications on such law issues as «Contemporary Issues of Modern Constitutional and International Law », «The Law Reform in Ukraine», «The Balance of National and International Legislation Systems», etc. The members of Students’ Scholarly Research Association participate in student conferences in other higher educational institutions (Dnipropetrovsk National University, Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs, etc.).

Пушкіна Олена Вікторівна