The Department of Commodity Analysis and Commercial Activities

The Department of Commodity Analysis and Commercial Activities is headed by Doctor of Economics, Full Professor, Vice-Rector for Tuition (Studies in Economics) Valentyna A. Pavlova.

The teaching staff of the Department includes

  • 3 Professors, Doctors of Sciences (2 Doctors of Technical Sciences and 1 Doctor of Economics)
  • 5 Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences (3 Candidates of Technical Sciences, 1 Candidate of Chemistry, 1 Candidate of Economics)
  • 1 Associate Professor
  • 1 Senior Lecturer
  • 2 lecturers

The core subjects taught by the Department are

  • Biochemistry and Physiology of Nutrition
  • Research Project Work
  • Product-Examining Operation
  • Product Aesthetics and Design
  • General Food Processing
  • Identification and Falsification of Products
  • Commercial Activities
  • Intermediary Commercial Activities
  • Materials Science and Fundamentals of Consumer Goods Manufacturing
  • Microbiology
  • Continuous Quality Control
  • Enterprise Facilities
  • Commercial Services and Processes
  • Commercial Methods
  • Environmental Science and Consumer Goods Security
  • Fundamentals of Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control
  • Protection of Labour in Commerce
  • Patent Science
  • International Commerce
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Product Certification
  • Standardization and Certification of Products and Services
  • Theory of Commodity Analysis
  • Commodity Analysis
  • Commodity Analysis of Household, Construction, Cultural and Everyday Use Products
  • Commodity Analysis of Clothing and Footwear Products
  • Commodity Analysis of Packaging
  • Commodity Analysis of Animal Products
  • Commodity Analysis of Phytogenous Products
  • Commodity Analysis of Raw Materials and Production Methods
  • Commercial Logistics
  • Quality Control
  • Physics and Methods of Raw Materials Examination
  • Chemistry and Methods of Raw Materials Examination

The Department teaches students who are majoring in Commodity Analysis and Commercial Activities, as well as in other spheres of Economics, Marketing and Management studied at the University.

The principal direction of department’s research activities is «Formation of Quality Control Mechanisms and Enhancement of Enterprise Competitiveness».

Valentyna Pavlova