The Department of Practical Psychology

The Department of Practical Psychology is headed by Galyna Palm, Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor.

The teaching staff of the Department includes four Associate Professors, Candidates of Psychology and Medicine, four Senior lecturers and three lecturers

We offer graduate and undergraduate courses to full-time and correspondent students to obtain the degrees of

  • Specialist of Psychology on the basis of Bachelor’s degree. The course of study lasts for one year.
  • Bachelor of Psychology. The course of study lasts for three years and ten months.

The subjects taught by the Department are

  • Ethnological Psychology
  • Age Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychological Studies
  • Differential Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Psychological Consulting
  • Fundamentals of Psychological Practice (Experimental Psychology)
  • Fundamentals of Psychological Therapy
  • Political Psychology
  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Social Psychology
  • Theory and Practice of Social and Psychological Training
  • Legal Psychology

The Department teaches students from the Direction of training «Psychology».

The principal direction of the Department’s research is psychological security of individuals and communities’ vital activities.