Conferences and workshops 2011-2012

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A Three Week Intensive TOEFL preparation course

During the course we work through all four sections of TOEFL in detail by teaching you the most important test taking strategies. In addition, we will analyze over 20 complete TOEFL tests at the same difficulty of the actual TOEFL test. You can also take several TOEFL TEST Simulator to have a feeling of the actual TOEFL test.


Long-term programs (scholarships, fellowships)

IBRO Fellowships Programme (Canada)

The Programme aims to foster neuroscience research, especially in less well-funded countries, by providing support to high quality neuroscientists from diverse geographic and scientific areas who wish to broaden the scope of their training in neuroscience by working abroad in good laboratories.

Ronald and Eileen Weiser Professional Development Awards 2012 (USA)

The Ronald and Eileen Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia at the University of Michigan invites applications for Weiser Professional Development Awards from faculty and artists teaching at institutions of higher education. The awards support short-term (3-4 week) research visits to the University of Michigan.

Alexander Rave Foundation Scholarships (Germany)

Open to: curators, restorers, museum technicians, cultural managers

PhD Position in Marketing, BI Norwegian Business School (Norway)

BI Norwegian Business School offers a four year PhD program in business administration. The program features six areas of specialization: Economics, Finance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Organization, Marketing, and Strategic Management.

UniCredit Study Abroad Exchange Programme

The competition for 8 grants is aimed at all university students of economics or finance for a period of six months of study exchange programme abroad to/from Serbia and Russia.

Schlumberger Foundation Scholarships

Стипендии женщинам из развивающихся стран, специализирующимся в физике и смежных дисциплинах, для обучения в аспирантуре и участия в исследовательских программах (постдок) в ведущих зарубежных университетах.

The Karen Johnson Freeze Fellowship Fund 2011

The Fund supports early career scholars preferably working in Central, Southeastern, and Eastern Europe in their pursuit of either pre- or postdoctoral research in the field of history of technology.


STEP Beyond Travel Grant

STEP Beyond Travel grants fund up-and-coming artists and cultural workers - with a priority to individuals up to 35 years and/or in the first 10 years of their career - to travel between EU and countries bordering the EU.

Collaboration Grants by European Cultural Foundation

Breaking into the Museum is a project that not only gets youth into museums but also leads to new curatorial perspectives and interpretations. Children’s Project introduced a new dance approach through performances and workshops for children, and also stimulates exchanges between dancers from across Eastern Europe.

Short-term programs (conferences/seminars/workshops etc.)

First International Congress | Crossroads of Psychology and Law (4-6.11, Armenia)

This first international congress aims to bring together scholars, practitioners and postgraduate students from disciplines such as psychology, law, education, sociology, to initiate discussions on interconnections of psychology and law.

Loesje Study Session "Why Not Change Prejudices Into Experiences" (21-27.11.2011, Hungary)

The training course aims to create creative tools and to empower youth leaders to work with young people helping them to undo their stereotypes and learn how to live in diverse and multicultural societies.

Міжнародна конференція «Вища освіта в Україні: інтернаціоналізація, реформи, нововведення» (20-21.04.2012)

Ціль конференції – крізь призму міжнародних освітніх тенденцій, особливо у європейських, пострадянських та постсоціалістичних державах, критично оцінити минуле, теперішнє та майбутнє вищої освіти у пострадянській Україні.

Summer courses

International Summer School | High Performance Computing and Cloud Computing for Sustainable Development (12-16.09, Romania)

The summer school is addressing researchers, PhD students and research fellows working in the field of IT&C modelling and simulations on sustainable development.


Стажування для журналістів у Scripps Howard Foundation, США

Програма розроблена таким чином, щоб іноземні студенти отримали можливість висвітлювати події в столиці США, а також готувати репортажі та нариси для Scripps Howard Foundation Wire. Матеріали, підготовлені практикантами Scripps Howard, можуть бути опубліковані в газетах по всій Америці.

Think Tank Internships for MA and PhD graduates

These internships are intended to attract recent graduates of MA and PhD programs in the social sciences and humanities to the think tanks in the selected countries from Central and Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union, giving them the opportunity to gain first-hand policy research and advocacy experience within a renowned think tank in the region.

Other opportunities

Short-term Grants for PhD Students in Information Structure (Germany)

Candidates are expected to hold a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Linguistics and have a research focus on information structure from a theoretical (syntactic, phonological, semantic), typological, diachronic, variationist, computer linguistic or psycho/neuro-linguistic perspective, which is ideally manifest in earlier research activities in the form of presentations/ publications or a carefully worked out plan for a dissertation project.

Посети события MBA Strategy в августе!

MBA Strategy приглашает Вас принять участия в уникальных событиях, которые помогут Вам ответить на многие актуальные вопросы, связанные с поступлением на MBA и Master’s.

Autumn TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT courses

GRE Revised (NEW GRE) course by Kevin

Our Advantage: We have designed a focused preparation course for the NEW GRE which includes new question types and a different scoring scale. The new GRE course is updated according to the latest changes to the GRE test.

Autumn TOEFL Preparation Course

Autumn IELTS Preparation Course

Autumn GMAT Preparation Courses