Student Mobility Project

To implement the Student Mobility System we have to resolve the following questions to:

  • to introduce the principles of the Bologna Process  
  • to improve education quality
  • simplify the International students’ exchange system

General Provisions

1. The Student Mobility System is created for the students to have an opportunity of doing some courses in a different country.

2. The Student Mobility System is aimed at improving quality of education in Economics, Law and Arts for all cycles of higher education.

3. The students’ participation is voluntary. To take part in the Mobility Project a student should apply for the Rector’s approval at his/her University

Curricula and Credit Transfer System

1. Students may follow an individual or standard term curriculum of the host University.

2. The student’s academic program should be approved by the head of the home university department within the terms required by the home university for approval and recommendation.

3. The student should follow the Code of Behavior and other norms of the host university while studying there.

Mobility Program Terms and Conditions

1. Only junior students may take part in the mobility program.

2. The home university’s Rector may approve a student’s participation in the mobility project only if the student has passed all the term exams and credits.

3. Being involved into the mobility program the student shall pay the tuition fee to his home university.

4. Students doing mobility courses shall get their educational scholarships at their home universities.

5. The host university may provide mobility students with the rooms in dormitory if possible.