RESOLUTION of the Third Session of the World Nobel Congress in Economics

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The Third Session of the World Nobel Congress in Economics

“World Economy of the XXI century: Cycles and Crises”


The Role of Economic Science in Forming National Strategies

 Alfred Nobel University, Dnipropetrovs’k,

16-19 May 2012

Forming efficient development strategy for world and national economies is the most pressing problem of to-day which should be solved by international scientific community. This strategy should be based on the achievements of Nobel Prize Winners in Economics and leading researchers of the world, on adapting their ideas to modern global processes. That is why «The role of economic science in forming national strategies» was the main topic of discussions at The Third Session of the World Nobel Congress in Economics.

The key questions which were discussed at plenary meetings and workshops were: the impact of innovations on economic development, opportunities of accelerated development of countries, national development strategy formation, monetary aspects of contemporary economic development, modern theories of cycles, mutual influence of mathematics and economics, Nobel studies and the promotion of Nobel movement in the world, etc.

 According to the outcomes of discussions, the following recommendations were adopted by the participants of The Third Session of the World Nobel Congress in Economics:

  • to generalize the proposals of the Congress participants regarding the formation of national development strategies, to draw up corresponding documents and direct them to state authorities of the countries – participants of the event;
  • to recommend statesmen and politicians, scientific community and representatives of business structures to initiate advancement of national and international development strategies as well as cooperation with the purpose of preventing global crises’ ruining consequences;
  • to continue scientific research of economic development cyclicity concentrating on the design of modern instruments and  technologies directed at preventing and avoiding crises as well as the methods of countries’ economic management during the periods of cyclic fluctuations and the techniques of adequate and objective evaluation of crises implications and their forecasting in the future;
  • to develop international and regional integration in order to increase the competitiveness of countries, to extend the practice of creating international strategic innovative and technological alliances for conducting research programs in the field of economic development and organization of international innovative and technological Exchange for the attraction of foreign and national investments to finance innovative projects;
  • to emphasize the importance of higher educational institutions in the process of next-generation personnel formation, to encourage the participation of students and young researchers in international scientific programs and events;
  • to continue the publication of lectures of Nobel Prize Winners, as well as systematic holding of Nobel Readings and Contests devoted to the works of Nobel Laureates;
  • to extend the scope of World Nobel Students’ Internet Contest, including the sciences other than economics into the Contest program;
  • to support the idea of holding the the Forth World Nobel Congress in Economics in May 2014 and to attract the  Nobel Prize Laureates and world leading scientist to this event;
  • to propose the «Economic theory and economic practice: contradictory interaction» problem as the main subject for the discussion at The Forth World Nobel Congress in Economics.