Code of Behavior


in Alfred Nobel University , Dnipropetrovs’k

(approved by the Scientific Council , protocol № 3 dated 15.06.06)

1. Basic ethical principles and rules of behavior:

1.1. Everyone is to respect the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

1.2. Everyone is to respect the values of the historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine, its languages and traditions.

1.3. Everyone is to behave with dignity and respect when communicating with other people.

1.4. Everyone has the right to carry out political or religious activities within the laws only during the time free of studies.

1.5. Alfred Nobel University recognizes common civilizational values according to which a person’s belonging to any national, ethnic, linguistic, social or sexual group cannot be a reason for discrimination or improper treatment.

2. Rights of the students of Alfred Nobel University:

All the students of University have the right:  

  • to study in order to get higher education according to national and international standards
  • to use all the facilities of the University including the library and computer classrooms according to their time-tables
  • to have access to the Internet resources within working hours of the university portals
  • to participate in research work, conferences, exhibitions, contests and competitions
  • to have safe and harmless conditions for studying
  • to be protected from any form of exploitation, physical or psychological violence, from actions violating their dignity
  • to be a member of students’ unions, clubs, groups, etc.
  • to express freely their opinions, if they do not deny a similar right of others and do not humiliate human dignity
  • to take part in the academic process enjoying equal rights regardless of their sex, race, citizenship, language, culture, religion, physical disabilities and other personal qualities

3. Duties of students:

All the students of University are

  • to be honest
  • to respect teachers, employees and students of the University
  • to be responsible for their actions and their consequences
  • to attend all classes according to the time-table if there is no documentary confirmation of the reason to miss them
  • to come to classes in time and not to leave the classroom without a teacher’s permission
  • to execute all academic tasks and works in time
  • to follow the legislation, moral and ethical rules of behavior
  • to acquire knowledge, practical and professional skills
  • to be careful with the University property, other legal and physical entities
  • to follow sanitary and hygienic norms
  • to inform in time the University administration of the circumstances which make impossible the fulfillment of the students’ duties
  • not to violate prohibitions, regulations and limitations stipulated by the present Code of Behavior (rude or improper behavior; vandalism, theft; use and distribution of narcotic, toxic substances and alcohol; gambling; obstructive activities; storing, using or distribution of any weapons, explosives or chemical matter which can create a threat to life and health; giving false information, falsification of documents; violation of safety regulations).