International Economics

Head of the Direction of Training

Sergiy Kuzminov, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor

(office 3321, tel. (056) 373-92-99, ext. 577, e-mail: )

Deputy Head of Direction of Training for Full-Time Students

El’vina Lymonova, Senior Lecturer

(office 3321, tel. (056) 373-92-99, e-mail: )

Deputy Head of Direction of Training for Part-Time Students

Kateryna Vorobyova, Senior Lecturer

(office 3321, tel. (056) 373-92-99, e-mail: )

Methodologist of Direction of Training

Yuliya Chepil

(office 3308, tel. (0562) 3124-52, inner tel. 573)

Secretary of Direction of Training

Anastasia Krotyuk

(office 3308, tel. (0562) 31-24-52, ext. 573)

The aim of the department is to provide high-quality education in the field of International Economics. Individual approaches to students and integrated lecturing methods enable the usage of creative and scientific potential of students and the creation of conditions for the use of knowledge and skills in practice.

Graduates of the department are the specialists in international commodity-money relations, development of market investment and effective investment of assets.

Our graduates can work for:

  • banks (international and investment divisions)
  • joint-ventures and multi-national companies
  • insurance companies
  • large industrial and commercial enterprises (departments of foreign economic activity)
  • small and medium business
  • public regulation of the economy
  • foreign companies of all forms of ownership.

Thorough education in economics, that combines in-depth study of two foreign languages and the diploma of a foreign language, allows students to occupy positions not only as economists but also as interpreters.

Lecturers and academic process.

Lecturers are highly qualified and experienced specialists in international economics, theory of economics and other specialized departments of the University.

The Department Courses meet modern standards; classrooms are equipped with modern equipment.

Wide opportunities to use a specialized library and reading rooms, internet in computer classrooms allow the University to take advantage the latest software that helps train highly qualified specialists.

Education at the department provides for obligatory learning of two foreign languages, and option ally a third one. Students who have mastered the Polish language are sent annually for training to Poland.

Due to access to modern databases students can deal with advanced organizational and technological processes.

Major Subjects

  • International Economics
  • International Organizations
  • Public Relations
  • The Economy of Foreign Countries
  • International Marketing
  • International Management
  • Etiquette and International Protocol Bases
  • International Economic Development Strategy
  • International Finance
  • Accounting in Foreign Countries
  • International Investment Activity
  • Information Technology and Computer Engineering
  • International Trade
  • International Economic Law
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Professional Foreign Language

and a wide range of other disciplines.

International Economics is training specialists for:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Specialist’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree

Duration of full-time and part-time tuition

  • Bachelor’s Degree – 4 years
  • Specialist’s and Master’s Degree – 1 year.

Address: Naberezhna Lenina, 18, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000, office 3308

tel. (0562) 31-24-52, e-mail:  

Кузьмінов Сергій Васильович