Finance and Credit

The Direction is headed by

Svetlana A. Kuznetsova, Doctor of Economics, Head of Finance and Banking Department,

a member of the American Finance Association, a member of The European Accounting Association (EAA)).

Office  3306 Tel.: +38(056) 778-32-17 e-mail:  

The Deputy Head for Full-time Education:

Victoria M. Varenik, Senior Lecturer in Banking and Finance

Office 3311 Tel.: +38(056) 778-20-94 e-mail:  

The Assistant for Relations with Full-time Students:

Alexander G. Pavlovicn

Office 3311 Tel.: +38(056) 778-20-94 e-mail:  

The Deputy Head for Correspondence Education:

Zoya S. Pestovska , Senior Lecturer in Banking and Finance

Office 3315 Tel.:+38(0562) 31-20-45 e-mail:  

The Assistant for Relations with Correspondence Students:

Angelica V. Krasnovtseva

Office  3311 Tel.: +38(056) 778-20-94 e-mail:  

Our basic strategy is determined by our vision of integral unity of education, science and business and this is what we are about! We efficiently implement this strategy throughout the concepts of

  • Education for life, providing our students with high-quality training in accordance with the provisions of the Bologna Declaration and taking the best from the world educational experience.
  • Science for practice as a framework for effective education that empowers both the state and business.
  • Business for the future, perpetually implementing the business ingredient into educational process. Having close links with leading companies both in Ukraine and worldwide, we provide our students with financial and technical expertise required by contemporary business environment.

We offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs, which last 4 years and 1 year of studying respectively.

Alumni of the Finance and Credit Direction

Given the in-depth training of the Finance and Credit Direction’s programs, our alumni are well equipped to excel in a variety of jobs. A majority of our alumni are employed in the business and government sectors both in Ukraine and abroad, taking positions in Business Financial Management, Banking, Investment Management, Insurance, Stock Trading, and Anti-crisis Management.

Naberezhna Lenina 18, office 3311, Dnipropetrovsk, 49000
Tel.: +38 (056) 778-20-94 e-mail:  

Svitlana Kuznetsova