Legal Studies

The Direction is headed by

Olena V. Pushkina, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor

Naberezhna Lenina 18, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 (office А414)

Tel.: +38 (0562) 312048 or +38 (0562) 3728815;


The Deputy Head for Full-time Education:

Tetyana V. Pidchenko, Senior Lecturer

Office A414 Tel.: +38(0562)312048 or +38(056)3728815


The Deputy Head for Correspondence Education:

Yulia V. Borisova

Office A414 Tel.: +38(0562)312048 or +38(056)3728815


We invite you to complete

  • Bachelor Legal Courses and
  • Specialist Legal Courses

Full-time and evening part-time forms of study are available.

We also provide our students with fundamental courses in Economics, Computer Science and foreign languages for specific purposes.

Address: Naberezhna Lenina 18, office А414, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000

Tel.: +38 (0562) 312048;


Пушкіна Олена Вікторівна