Social Pedagogy

Head of direction -
Natalia Pavlovna Volkova -
(Phone (0562) 31-24-78, 460, e-mail:
Methodologist of direction
Manohina Irina Viktorovna
(Phone (0562) 31-24-78, ext. 460, e-mail:
Duration of training: full-time:
Bachelor - 4 years
There is a strong demand for training in the field of "social pedagogy" due to the need for qualified professionals who:
• can work in various social organizations under all forms of ownership: educational, cultural, scientific, advisory institutions;
• can work in state and municipal departments for family, children and youth;
• have mastered the latest technology for social, educational, rehabilitation and remedial work in different strata of society.
The  professional scope of a bachelor's degree in "social pedagogy" provides the skills necessary for diagnostic, preventive, social and therapeutic work with clients of different ages and social groups.
It also provides the necessary  high level  professional mastery of latest social pedagogical techniques that enable professionals to become competitive both regionally and at the state level
Bachelors in social pedagogics are needed today in various fields of social life:
1) in institutions of social protection;
2) the institutions that belong to the state organs of internal affairs;
3) in educational institutions (pre-school, general education, specialized schools ,  children's homes);
4) in  hospitals and social care institutions;
5) in the government services for employment , family , children and youth;
6) in social rehabilitation centres for children with disabilities  and in services for juveniles.
The main activities of the psychologist
1. Research in social education.
2. Socio-educational work with children and youth.
3. Consultation work on social assistance in solving personal problems.
4. Diagnosis of individual variations in children’s social development and of the resulting social problems.
5. Defending the rights and interests of children, youth and coordinating the efforts of various experts and organizations that are able to protect the rights of the child.
A specialist in social pedagogics receives professional knowledge and develops professional skills which help to carry out the following tasks
• promotion of positive adaptation and socialization through help in mastering social norms and values;
• creation of conditions for psychological comfort and safety of children and youth;
• organisation and carrying out of social and educational work with children and youth;
• diagnosis of individual abilities of clients with aim of  identifying priority areas of work , expression of causes of deviation and choice of forms of social and preventive work;
• development of training materials for the organization of life and leisure of children and youth in different directions;
• prediction of phenomena in the family, school, immediate social environment, production of certain patterns of social behavior;
• acting as an intermediary between the client and the medical, educational, cultural, sports, and legal institutions;
• organisation and  conducting of socio-psychological communicative training and training for personal growth;
• provision of social and therapeutic work to provide assistance to people with physical and mental disabilities; street children, orphans and children deprived of parental care.

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