Head of direction -
Poltorak Vladimir Abramovich - Head of the Department of Political Science, Sociology and the Humanities, Ph.D., professor
(Tel. (056) 778-23-40, 506, e-mail: dh.sfp @ duep.ed)
The department offers fundamental theoretical training under the guidance of university professors , combined with an in-depth practical training in modern classrooms, multimedia classrooms, as well as leading institutions and centres of Ukraine, Poland, Russia and other countries.
In-depth study of two foreign languages ??and the opportunity to master the latest information technology provide excellent prospects for employment and career growth.
Major subjects studied
• History of International Relations
• World Religions and Politics
• Political History of Ukraine and Foreign Countries
• Conflictology
• Mass Media and Politics
• Public Relations
• History of Political Thinkers
• Political Ideologies
• General Theory of Politics
• Political Psychology
• Ethnicity and Politics
• Geopolitics
• Role of Political Parties
• Political Analysis and Forecasting
• Comparative Politics
• Fundamentals of Analytical Journalism and the Media
• Rhetoric and Speech Writing
• Methodology of Political Studies
• Practical Politics
• Political Elites and Leadership
• Elections and Electoral Systems
• Political Marketing
• Image Making
• Political Regionalism
• Political Culture and Political Ethics
• Politics and Society
Admission to training requires  a certificate of testing the following disciplines:
Ukrainian Language and Literature
History of Ukraine
Foreign Language or World History
The term of full-time training: Bachelor - 4 years
Prestigious DIRECTION OF EDUCATION "Political Science"
In the last decade there has been significant development in training in a wide range of social, political and humanitarian fields in Ukraine’s higher education institutions Life has fully justified the correctness of this approach as the sustainable development of the country critically depends on the ability of professionals in society to solve complex social and political problems.
Preparation of highly skilled professionals in the field of politics, able to ensure the further development of a democratic state, select the optimal model for the country's political system, improve party-political and electoral systems, promote the sustainable development of local government in accordance with international and European standards and direct Ukraine's integration into Europe’s political, legal and humanitarian space is a task for the specialty "Political Science."
Training in Political Science will generate a healthy social and political orientation, a mentality and  model of social behavior of a fundamentally democratic nature that will strengthen the foundations of democracy in Ukraine.
Competitive advantages of training of political scientists in our University:
• Ability to gain practical skills in political technology in the centre "Sociopolis" and the Center for Marketing and Social Research at the University .
• The curriculum offers a wide range of applied disciplines that allow the student to become a really qualified specialist in political and election technologies
• Ability to qualify as political commentator
• Ability to master two or three foreign languages ??chosen by the student
• A significant increase in comparison with other universities in the amount of hours for the thorough study of foreign languages
• Ability to thoroughly learn the latest information technologies in computer and multimedia classrooms
• Possibility of internships and training in leading political science centers and educational institutions of foreign countries (Poland, Russia, etc.)
Bachelors in Political Science can work as:
• Teachers of Social and Political Sciences at schools, colleges, high schools ( lycees and gymnasia )
• Research fellows in research institutes, institutions and centers
• Experts , consultants in organisational subdivisions of political parties, social movements and organizations
• Commentators and columnists on political issues in the print and electronic media
• Specialists in socio-political affairs and public relations in organs of state and local government
• Assistants and advisors on socio-political matters for people's deputies, heads of administration, leaders of political parties
• Spin doctors, specialists in centres and institutions engaged in the study of public opinion and conducting of election campaigns
Our address is:
str. Lenin Embankment, 18
Tel. 370-36-21 (admission committee)
Tel. 778-23-40 (Department of Political Science, Sociology and Humanities)
dsec.sfp @

V.A. Poltorak