Post-Graduate and Doctoral Programmes

According to the decision certifying the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the Alfred Nobel University opened postgraduate and doctoral studies.

To graduate annually with a set margin and on the job the following specialties:

  • 08.00.01 - the theory and history of economic thought,
  • 08.00.03 - Economy and Management of National Economy,
  • 08.00.04 - Economy and Enterprise Management
  • 08.00.08 - Money, finance and credit.

Postdoctoral open in the following areas:

  • 08.00.03 - Economy and Management of National Economy,
  • 08.00.04 - Economy and Enterprise Management

In recent years, prepared and defended 42 candidate and 9 doctoral theses. Today on master's theses are 59 persons, a doctoral - 7 persons. In postgraduate study 46 people (15 - full time, 25 - in absentia, 6 - students) national scientists actively working on developing topical issues of national economy.

Under the guidance of renowned professors performed following comprehensive research topic:

  • Develop methods and models of economic policies of higher educational institutions (state registration number 0106U001084);
  • Vibrochastotni methods of measurement and control of technological parameters of manufacturing processes "(state registration number 0106U000820);
  • Reform of financial and credit system and stimulate economic growth (state registration number 0106U006313);
  • Enhancing the role of the banking system in economic growth (state registration number 0106U006314);
  • Theoretical and methodological principles of developing and implementing marketing strategies and competitive socio-economic systems (state registration number 0110U000005);
  • Organizational and economic mechanisms of development and competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the globalization challenges (state registration number 0110U000147);
  • Justification strategies for organizations and enterprises in a competitive environment (state registration number 0110U000148);
  • Integrated Automation of educational management in higher education (state registration number 0110U000162);
  • Increased stability and development of enterprise in the control of flow processes (state registration number 0110U000202);
  • Theoretical and methodological basis for development and implementation of innovative systems for accounting, audit analysis of the effective development of enterprise (state registration number 0110U000203);
  • Adaptation of Ukraine's economic policy to the modern transformation of world economic relations at the micro, macro and mezolevels (state registration number 0110U000204);
  • The legal guarantees of rights and freedoms of man and citizen in Ukraine (state registration number 0110U000292);
  • Linguistic aspects of foreign language communication and methods of training (state registration number 0110U000323);
  • Improving corporate governance of industrial enterprises (state registration number 0110U000324);
  • Automated logical network and information system of corporate governance best-adaptive (state registration number 0110U000324);
  • Methodological support of accelerating socio-economic development of the Kremenchug biosphere region (state registration number 0108U00454531).

During the period of postgraduate study at the university graduates and applicants have been published over 550 articles and 410 presentations at conferences.

For conditions of admission for post-graduate and doctoral studies contact the Head of Post-Graduate and Doctoral Programmes Office Svitlana Kuyanova:

Tel.: +38 (056) 7911265


Куянова Світлана Іванівна