Alfred Nobel University is a private Higher Education institution and has been providing educational services since 1993.  Alfred Nobel University is licensed by the Ministry of Education in Ukraine and has the fourth level of accreditation (the highest level of accreditation granted in Ukraine).

Alfred Nobel University offers wide range of educational degrees: bachelors, specialists and masters.

Training is conducted in the following fields:  economics, finance and banking, accounting, management, marketing, merchandising and commercial business, philology, legal studies, psychology, social pedagogy.

School of Business at Alfred Nobel University offers the following programs:
          - Master of Business Administration (MBA)
          - Marketing (MBA format)
          - Psychology (MBA format)
          - Financial Management (MBA format)

Since 2010, Alfred Nobel University offers a new program in "International Management" validated by the University of Wales, United Kingdom.  The training in the program is conducted entirely in English and satisfies high European standards.

Alfred Nobel University has programs for postgraduate and doctoral studies to train future researchers and academic professionals.

Alfred Nobel University has a team of highly qualified teachers.  The academic staff consists of 97 people with Ph.D. degrees, among these people 17 are Full Professors and 80 people are Associate Professors.

Alfred Nobel University offers excellent facilities, such as modern classrooms, up-to-date computers and multi-media rooms, language laboratories, library and reading halls, internet and Wi-Fi connection, modern dormitory and gyms.

Especially, we are proud for the atmosphere of partnership and goodwill established between professors and students at Alfred Nobel University.